What Is a Rally Marshal – Legend Fires North West Stages Rally

Legend Fires North West Stages Rally

in partnership with ND Civils and Kelmore

22nd/23rd March 2024

What Is a Rally Marshal

Aside from actually competing, the best way to get involved in any form of motor sport is probably as a safety marshal. Why? Well for one thing it’s easy and for another it’s cheap but more importantly think of the fun you’ll have!

But what do Marshals do?

Well the simple answer is lots of things! Without Marshals rallies, and in fact almost any other form of motor sport event, wouldn’t run. They are responsible for a whole range of duties starting with the setting up of the stage. Once that’s done they play a major role in the operation of stage start and finish controls, managing service halts and ensuring safe spectator control.

There’s no requirement for any formal qualifications but once you get started there’s the opportunity to learn a whole range of skills such as vehicle recovery, first-aid or fire fighting. If the administration side of things appeals then there’s always lots of roles at rally headquarters that need filling.

Whatever you choose, your presence will be welcomed and appreciated. As a marshal, you will join a band of enthusiasts who enjoy their motor sport and, through several active marshalling clubs, an interesting and enjoyable social life.

There is a serious side to marshalling as we all know that motor sport is dangerous and unfortunately but inevitably accidents do happen. By being in the right place at the right time and having had the right training you could save someone’s life.

Some people join a motor club specifically to go marshalling and have no inclination to compete but motor sport would be poorer without them. If any of this appeals then the best way to become a part of the action is to join your local motor club without delay and get involved!