Inconsiderate Driving Behaviour – Legend Fires North West Stages Rally

Legend Fires North West Stages Rally

in partnership with ND Civils and Kelmore

22nd/23rd March 2024

March 8th, 2020

Inconsiderate Driving Behaviour

The Legend Fires North West Stages Rally event organisers are very concerned to have received a call from an understandably very irate resident on one of the closed road stages.

He reported 3 cars with stickers, lights and aerials speeding past his house, endangering his grandchildren on Saturday 7th March in the afternoon.

In the absence of any registration numbers we cannot chase the culprits. We accept these 3 idiots were possibly nothing to do with the rally, but the resident making the link is understandable.

We ask that:

Residents – Report details of any ‘unusual motoring activity’ direct to the organisers, using the contact details in your resident handbooks. If you can provide vehicle registrations this will enable us to cross check with competitor details, or forward to the police.

Competitors – Please ensure you and your crews stay away from any of the stages until the arranged recce run. We will take action (including disqualification) for any competitor (including service crew) that ignores this instruction. We will be actively monitoring the stages over the next 2 weeks.

Club officials and marshals – You may have been given access to individual stage routes to allow for set-up planning and marshalling. Circulation of those plans must be restricted, and anyone having access should be aware that they are given the plans for the purpose of their role on the event only. You should also set an example by driving with care and consideration at all times within the vicinity of the route.

Others, Spectators and Public – If you have managed to uncover any of the plans, then we ask that you respect the patience and understanding of the residents in allowing us to close the roads for the event. The organisers are reliant on their ongoing support for future. Joy riding the stages in the weeks immediately prior to and after the event will give understandable cause for concern, and could lead to us losing their support in the future.

The ongoing support of all parties would be appreciated.