How The Final 20 Are Chosen – Legend Fires North West Stages Rally

Legend Fires North West Stages Rally

in partnership with ND Civils and Kelmore

22nd/23rd March 2024

January 18th, 2019

How The Final 20 Are Chosen

The Unseeded Entry List has now been announced and as there are a significant number of entries not yet confirmed, the Organisers would like to provide some clarification around how the remaining 20 places will be selected. It is also important to remember that typically around 10% of the entry will withdraw before the closing date, so in addition to the 20 entries currently available, there are likely to be 10-15 cancellations to fill as well.

Future entry selection will be based on the following, but not necessarily in this order:

  • Star Name – Prince Harry would definitely get a run, but only if he has got 3 National B finishes.
  • Top Competitor – does your seeding contains lots of 1st places? If so you have a good chance.
  • Interesting entry or unusual car.
  • Serious championship contenders.
  • Those who have been regular competitors on the Legend Fires North West Stages.
  • The earlier the entry was made the better chance you have.
  • Overseas entry.

Please also note that the following will not help your cause:

  • Sob Stories – we are not X-Factor!
  • Pestering our Entries Secretary – she has heard it all before and would just like to chill out in front of the TV with a glass of wine occasionally.
  • Pestering John Stone. Yes he has lots of mates, but we can’t fit them all in!

On a serious note – the Organisers are delighted and overwhelmed by the interest shown by competitors and sincerely thank everyone who has submitted an entry.