Thank You – Mark Hothersall, Event Director – Legend Fires North West Stages Rally

Legend Fires North West Stages Rally

in partnership with ND Civils and Kelmore

22nd/23rd March 2024

March 21st, 2022

Thank You – Mark Hothersall, Event Director

In early January a decision was taken to progress with the Legend Fires North West Stages in exactly the same format Dave had planned – essentially a re-run of the 2020 Covid cancelled event.

Judging by the feedback to date on social media, I think it’s fair to say that we did Dave proud, and it was ‘mission accomplished’.

Events on this scale require an inordinate amount of time and support from a whole host of people, and I would therefore like to recognise the following (in no particular order):-
To our sponsors… Thank you. We are fortunate that the relationships are not just financial. Our sponsors go the extra mile to support everything we do, from attending organisers meetings to resurfacing service areas… and lots in between. Your combined input is very much appreciated.

To our competitors… As I said at the awards presentation, I’m not convinced you need thanking… it should be you thanking us for the quality of those stages!! Seriously though, we appreciate and value your continued and long-standing support. I would also like to personally thank Chris Ingram for not beating the bogey time on Long Knots. Having denied requests to add further chicanes on that stage it’s one decision I was nervous about when I saw his name on the entries, and it was the first thing that I checked!!

To Motorsport UK and Tony Clements… Thank you for supporting the changes in our key team members and to Tony for covering for Gerry at the drop of a hat. You have one in the bank!

To the County and Borough Councils… Thank you for your ongoing support. We never underestimate the trust you place in us to allow the events to run on your roads.

To Garstang Council and the traders in Garstang High Street… Thank you for your overwhelming support and welcome into your community. I hope that the event brings a valuable boost in your trade. This simply would not happen without the vision and support of Mayor Alec Allen, and his predecessor Leah.

To the many residents on the closed road routes and their respective Parish Councils… Thank you for your overwhelming support. We are acutely aware that not everyone shares our passion for motorsport, and the need therefore for us to minimise any disruption which may be caused. Thank you for allowing us to share a part of your beautiful world for a day.

To the ‘army’ of volunteers that turned out to marshal and support the event on Friday and Saturday… Thank you, the event simply would not start without you. It may have been sunny, but I’m also aware that there was ‘bloody chilly wind’ up in them hills. Thank you for sticking with us.

To the Safety Team… aka the band of brothers that keep us safe. Thank you for your attention to detail in pre-event planning, and your efforts on the day to manage a busy workload. You were instrumental in enabling us to complete a route with the loss of only one stage.

To the resident liaison teams… Starting last September these crews were out knocking on hundreds of doors, delivering letters and speaking to residents. Properties will have been visited 3 times. It’s a mammoth task that was completed by the various member clubs. Thank you.

To the Stage Commanders and their teams… I never underestimate and will always appreciate the efforts of the dedicated club teams that work so hard to set the stages up, then, when most others are in the pub, they are out there cleaning up! You are the stars.

To the ‘core organising team’… Gerry, Pat, Clive, Alan, Mark, Ann, Dan, Garry… Thank you for your efforts and for keeping me sane. Time to rest and reacquaint yourselves with your families and get well soon Gerry.

Who the hell said “it should be fairly simple, we’ve got a rally in a box’? Yeh right. I suspect Mr Read will be laughing right now.

Mark Hothersall
Event Director

As a footnote, Numbers are still to be confirmed, but we expect to be donating in excessive of £10,000 to a variety of locally based charities.